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More than 1000 players, the biggest rock band in the world, will play at the same time 18 pieces among the most thrilling ones of the rock history in a unique concert in the Florence stadium.
The news in the news? One of the players will be Federico: he is 29 and plays drums. One among the others. And so? You will ask. Well, this is the news: a player included in a group of players who want to set up a unique event and it doesn’t matter if Federico has an extra chromosome.
In this video you can get to know him:

We asked Federico to study 18 pieces during a month after we met Fabio Zaffagnini, one of the founders of Rockin’ 1000. On their website it is possible to read their story:

2015 – Romagna calling the Foo Fighters

An idea that takes shape, an ambitious goal, a steep road. Four miracles to be performed: find one thousand musicians, get them to play simultaneously for the biggest Rock show ever, collect enough money to make it real, convince the Foo Fighters to come and play a gig in Cesena.

Each goal has been achieved with a bang. The video of that performance makes millions of views all over the world, and on November 3rd, Foo Fighters give a unique live show in Cesena: a 3 hours concert dedicated to the Thousand, all the donors and the volunteers involved in the July performance.

Talking with Fabio Zaffagnini, we discovered we have a lot in common: those one thousand players are all different people, considered “out of the box” because they succeeded in making their dream come true. Well, we are considered different and “out of the box” too.
Hence the idea of transmitting true inclusion: a different person among different people. United by their passion for music, the dedication and the courage of taking part in this big event, not for their own economic profit, but because the fulfillment of a dream pays back for the effort.
Federico has been studying drums for many years with Marco Scarzetta, his teacher and well-known drummer. Also Marco will take part in That’s Live 2018 to support Federico. Not because he has Down Syndrome, but because he is one of his students, who launched himself into this crazy adventure.
And you? Do you believe that the true inclusion is connected with passions? Help “the Thousand” to prove it and support us contributing to the costs of this travel. The participants for Vivi Down will go there for free with their own instruments and the association wants to refund them room, board and transport needed during four days in Florence.
Even 5 euros will contribute to the fulfillment of 1000 dreams!

Ideas for your donation:
  • 5 euros: you will contribute to 4 of the 300 km of van hire needed to transport four people, luggage and two drums. (Do you know someone who could lend us a van from the 18th to the 22nd of July? You would make us save a lot!)
  • 10 euros: you will pay a lunch to Federico (the idol), or to Marco (the teacher), or to Laura (Federico’s mum) or to Stella (the project creator).
  • 20 euros: you will pay a dinner to Federico (the idol), or to Marco (the teacher), or to Laura ( Federico’s mum) or to Stella (the project creator).
  • 35 euros: you will pay the toll for the round-trip route.
  • 50 euros: you will pay the fuel needed for the round-trip travel. You will receive a short personalized video by Federico.
  • 55 euros: you will pay the room for a night to Federico ( the idol), or to Marco (the teacher), or to Laura (Federico’s mum) or to Stella (the project creator). You will receive a short personalized video by Federico and Marco.
  • 100 euros or more: you tell us we are going in the right direction and you are with us 100 per cent! You can ask Federico to play for you one of the 18 pieces and you will receive the video of your personal exhibition!

Do you prefer to donate through bank transfer payment?
Our current account is at Banca Prossima headed to:


Vivi Down Onlus

IBAN: IT87F 0335 901600 1000 00009921

If you donate through bank transfer payment remember to give us your data in order to receive the receipt. You can write an email to segreteria@vividown.org

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